Unseen 1970 Led Zeppelin Concert Clips Discovered

Rock Legends Robert Plant (l) And Jimmy Page (r) Perform On The Stage During A Concert In Istanbul M..
Rock legends Robert Plant (L) and Jimmy Page (R) perform on the stage during a concert in Istanbul March 5. Rock legends Led Zeppelin duo Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are on a European tour, duing which they have promoted their first new album in 20 years. [Led Zeppelin ended a highly succesful 12-year career in December 1980, following the death of their drummer John Bonham]. Guitarist Page and vocalist Plant embarked on solo careers and reunited in 1994 to issue the largely acoustic "No Quarters" album containing several Zeppelin songs.

Chattanooga, TN – The Pulse:

Proof that rock history can usually be found in somebody’s closet — seven minutes of amazingly clear fan-shot footage from Led Zeppelin‘s legendary September 4th, 1970 concert at The Forum in L.A. has been discovered.

The footage, which is now up on YouTube, has been expertly synched with the classic bootleg of the show, titled On Blueberry Hill, and was shot by fan Eddie Vincent, who smuggled his family’s windup 8mm Kodak Brownie into the gig, which allowed him to record in 30-second bursts.

Vincent told Classic Rock: “I had really great seats. They were right behind the band. I had seats in the front row, right behind John Bonham‘s kit. The only problem was that you couldn’t really see John because the gong was there, but he came around and chatted to us while they were doing the acoustic set.”

(NSFW -Some adult language in the video.)