Pennsylvania Firefighters Rush To Rescue Pet Stuck On Roof Only To Find A Dog Who Likes Heights

Chattanooga, TN – Pulse

Some dogs just like a good view. Firefighters were called to a residence in Hazleton, Pennsylvania on Monday (March 14th) to help a dog stuck on a roof. But when local firefighters arrived, they found the dog standing calmly on the apartment building’s roof with a third-floor balcony door open behind them. Rescuers deduced the dog had used the balcony door to get to the roof, but they weren’t sure if the pup meant to go up there on purpose. After speaking to residents of the building, the first responders learned this dog was known for walking up onto the roof to sunbathe, and that he “does it all the time.” The fire department says, “We were unable to make contact with the dog’s owner, but the dog came down and went into the apartment while we were at the scene.”