PANIC at the ‘Panic! At The Disco’ Concert

Fire at Panic! At The Disco concert

Chattanooga, TN:

Panic! At The Disco always go above and beyond for all of their shows and Wednesday night’s show in Minnesota proves it.

The band was in the middle of their set when one of their pyro tech devices caught FIRE! The crowd was trying to let the band know what was going on by yelling ‘fire’ to the band while band member Brandon Urie continue to dance around the stage. Now the fire was on a side stage behind Urie so it was out of his sight.

While Urie continued to give the crowd a little dance party, staff members did rush to the fire on stage to extinguish it. The safety of everyone is always the main concern and all staff was prepared for the moment as they had fir extinguishers on hand.

Check out a video a fan uploaded here: