Wolfgang Van Halen Rates Aaron Marshall His Favorite Guitarist Today

Wolfgang Van Halen says that Intervals guitarist Aaron Marshall is his favorite guitarist today. The massive endorsement form the son of Eddie Van Halen came during a chat with Guitar World, where Wolf declared, “Aaron Marshall is my favorite guitar player of today. An important thing my dad always said: when it comes to soloing, you should be able to hum the solo. On top of Aaron’s ridiculous chops, he manages to work in the catchiest melodies. His melodic sensibility is one of my favorite things about his playing.”

He went on to say, “On top of that, he’s a wonderful man, a very kind dude. I feel like I have become a better guitar player because I’ve tried to learn all the songs on that album. . . He has such a wonderful melodic sensibility that is so different from people in his genre of the heavier, progressive, metal-y rock sort of thing. It really separates him from everyone else. I can’t speak enough of how wonderful a guitar player and songwriter he is.”

When pressed for his most-listened to album of the year, Wolf said: “Intervals’ Circadian been my most-listened-to album for the past two years, so it’s my pick for 2021 and 2022.”