Wolfgang Van Halen Prepping Second Album

On June 11th, Wolfgang Van Halen posted a message to fans on social media thanking them and reflecting on the one year anniversary of MammothWVH’s self-titled debut album.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s Instagram post reads in full:

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for the first MammothWVH album.

Releasing this music was such a huge thing for me in so many different ways. It was exciting, emotional, bittersweet, a relief. It was the culmination of years of work, trial and error, loss, self-doubt, and anxiety. It was a long road that led me to figuring out who I was as my own person and artist. I discovered who I was through the process and arrived at something I could truly be proud of.

It began a new chapter in my life that I’m not sure I was even ready for, but I jumped in anyway. I knew it was the right thing to do because it was what Pop wanted. I just wish I could’ve shared the whole experience with him. I know he’d be proud and SO f***ing stoked with how everything has gone thus far.

I’m blown away with what Mammoth has accomplished this past year and I’m incredibly grateful. None of this would’ve happened without the amazing support from all of you. So with all of my heart, I’ve just gotta say…
Thank you.
(P.S: I’ll be heading into the studio in a few months to start working on the second album, and I couldn’t be more excited. I promise to not take as long as I did with the first one.)

When we last caught up to Wolfgang, we asked him if he’s been doing any recording since wrapping the band’s last string of dates: “Nah, we can’t organize. . . Uh, that’s in the process of being planned with my, uh, producer. He’s got a very busy schedule. I think we’ve hammered out some time, but that won’t be ’til later this year. I’m kind of writing all the time. I find it hard to be like — to pick time, to be, like, ‘I’m going to write now!’ It just kind of happens. So, my phone is always filling up in the voice memos app (laughs). Random little ideas.” SOUNDCDUE

MammothWVH kicks off its 25-date European tour on November 1st in Hamburg, Germany at Sporthalle Hamburg.