Volbeat Releases Video For ‘Becoming’

Volbeat released the video for the track “Becoming,” which is reportedly a “tribute” to the Swedish death metal band Entombed. “Becoming” is featured on Volbeat’s latest studio album, Servant Of The Mind, which was released in December.

Via an Instagram post yesterday (Tuesday, August 23rd), Volbeat’s Michael Poulsen shared a clip of the song writing, “We were recording Servant Of The Mind in Jacob Hansen‘s studio, and we were about to record the song ‘Becoming.’ And it has that opening riff that’s really inspired by the mighty Entombed, and you know, we just talked about why not put that Boss Heavy Metal HM-2W pedal on that Entombed was so well known for, and bands like Dismember and a lot of Swedish Death Metal bands, actually. It’s the signature Death Metal Swedish distorted guitar sound, and it sounds disgustingly good (laughs). So, we thought, why not use that pedal on that riff? So, we did and it just ended up just sounding even more like Entombed, and it turned out to be a really good song and it was probably one of the most heavy riffs in Volbeat. But later on, of course, we were hearing the sad news about LG (Lars-Goran Petrov) passing, a very sad day, and I think it is still very sad that he is not around. He was one of our really great friends. I had a lot of great conversations with LG. And we were always hanging out when it was it was possible, and talking and helping each other out, as well. So, we decided, later on, to actually dedicate ‘Becoming’ to LG because of the great inspiration that we had in that song. So, yeah, ‘Becoming’ has somehow become the LG song.”