Sarah Silverman Questions Independent Film Waivers In SAG-AFTRA Strike

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Controversy is brewing in Hollywood surrounding whether or not independent films should get the go-ahead in the midst of the joint SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike. Sarah Silverman took to Instagram on Friday (July 28th) to question the waivers SAG-AFTRA gave to 45 “truly independent” films.

“I feel f—king pissed off, and I know I just must not be understanding something,” she said in the video. “There are like 40 movies being made right now. Movie stars are making movies because they’re independent movies, and SAG is allowing it because if they do sell it to streaming, it has to be because streaming is abiding by all the things we’re asking for.”

“That’s just working,” the Marry Me actress added. “The strike ends when they come to the table and we make a deal in agreement. So you’re just letting people make movies, and movie stars are making movies that you know the goal is to sell them to streaming.”

Strangers with Candy star Amy Sedaris commented, “Right on,” but actresses like Zooey Deschanel and Juliette Lewis pointed out the reasons why SAG-AFTRA might have taken this route.

“I think we are striking certain particular contractual agreements with the AMPTP — not all work,” Deschanel wrote. Lewis added, “Also, my brother, who is a laborer — I would love him to work on an independent production. Bunch of my friends in other states have had their unemployment checks run out, so if there’s movie productions that are not going to streamers I’m for it for my crew and family.”

In the same vein, Viola Davis announced on Saturday (July 29th) that she would be stepping back from G20, one of the films that received a waiver. “I love this movie, but I do not feel that it would be appropriate for this production to move forward during the strike,” the How to Get Away with Murder actress said in a statement to Deadline. “I appreciate that the producers on the project agree with this decision. JuVee Productions and I stand in solidarity with actors, SAG/AFTRA and the WGA.”