Roger Daltrey Admits To Laughing At Axl Rose At First

Roger Daltrey Admits To Laughing At Axl Rose At First
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During a cross-generational chat with alternative rocker Yungblood, Roger Daltrey proved he’s still a died-in-the-wool, old school rocker. Daltrey, who’s now 78, revealed, “I don’t do the internet at all. I have a very bad opinion of social media, I’m afraid. It kind of turned bad once they put the ‘likes’ in on Facebook. And then people start to play for the ‘likes,’ which is their ego, and egos destroy you. So, I don’t even go there. I don’t care what you say about me, do what you like.”

While discussing the changing trends in rock fashion, the Who frontman let it slip: “I’ve got to tell you, when Axl (Rose) first appeared with shorts and T-shirts onstage, we all f***ing laughed.”

Daltrey took time out to critique the sound of the Who’s last album, 2019’s Top Two WHO collection, by asking, “What is it with American producers? The last album we did, we had an American producer, I won’t mention his name (Dave Sardy), but I couldn’t work with him because he wanted everything in the pocket. Music’s not like that. Music comes from inside. If it straddles the beat, it don’t matter.”

Roger Daltrey has been adamant that his main purpose for being on stage has always been to help the audience lighten its collective load: “There’s enough people having a miserable time out there, and live music — ‘great way to lift your spirits. I want to give people a good time and if we have fun, they’ll have fun.”

The Who closes out its North American tour on Friday and Saturday (November 4th and 5th) at Las Vegas’ Dolby Live.