Rock Quick Hits: Gavin Rossdale + The Offspring!

Bush Announce Fall Album Release, New Single

GAVIN ROSSDALE IS A GRANDPA: Gavin Rossdale is now a grandfather. The Bush frontman’s daughter, Daisy Lowe, welcomed a baby girl with her fiancĂ© Jordan Saul on Sunday (April 9th). She wrote on Instagram, “Our Easter egg finally hatched. Ivy Love Saul you have made all my dreams come true- our dream girl. I have never known happiness or love like this. I can’t stop crying tears of joy.”

THE OFFSPRING TO SUPPORT BUDWEISER: The Offspring are planning to support Budweiser following country singer Travis Tritt’s decision to ban Anheuser-Busch beverages from his backstage hospitality riders. Noodles tweeted Thursday (April 6th) , “We are going to be adding Anheiser-Busch products & Jack Daniels to our hospitality rider just to piss off a bunch of dimwitted bigots who fear what they don’t understand. I know a shit-ton of artists who feel exactly the same. (And we all drink A LOT).” Tritt lashed out after the brand teamed up with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney for a March Madness campaign.