Ozzy Osbourne Is Open To Touring Again

Ozzy Osbourne Says Jimmy Page Blew Of Request To Play On New Album
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Ozzy Osbourne is open to touring again. During a recent episode of his Ozzy’s Boneyard radio show, he addressed reports that his touring career was over due to his health issues. Ozzy canceled several 2022 tour dates due to his health

Osbourne said, “So, if I can ever get back to where I can tour again, fine. But right now, if you said to me, ‘Can you go on the road in a month?’ I couldn’t say yes. I mean, if I could tour I’d tour. But right now I can’t book tours because right now, I don’t think I could pull them off.”

Ozzy added that the media exaggerated the original story, saying, “This f*cking press drive you nuts. I mean, I looked in the magazine, ‘Ozzy’s on his last legs.’ I’m f*cking not dying.”