New Metal Supergroup Features Members Of Judas Priest, Rainbow & Pantera

There’s a new metal supergroup called Elegant Weapons that includes singer Ronnie Romero, guitarist Richie Faulkner, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Scott Travis. The band will be releasing their full length album Horns for a Halo in Spring 2023.

Faulker said in a statement, “It’s exciting to be part of a label like Nuclear Blast that has such a rich history and level of respect among fans and the music industry. Monte Conner Nuclear Blast VP A&R knows Andy Sneap well, and Andy has always held Monte and label in very high regard. Monte has loved the record from the very early demo stages.”

Faulker continued, “It’s very valuable and important to me that the label I sign with understand and connect with the music. This record represents for me more of my DNA as a guitar player and a songwriter. Heavy, but moving slightly outside the realms of ‘heavy metal.’ Those roots are obvious, but I wanted to reach in a bit and see what else came out that wasn’t necessarily ‘expected’.”

Monte said in a statement, “I am such a huge fan of all the players involved, especially Richie. As a diehard Priest fan, I have enjoyed watching help breathe new life into the band and add to their incredible story and legacy. What an amazing player he is. People always focus on leads, and of course Richie is a master in that department, but I can listen to him play rhythm guitar all day long! His rhythm playing is just so tasteful and magical. I can’t wait for fans to hear this album and discover how multi-faceted he is.”