New Disturbed Album Will Include ‘Bigger Riffs And Heaviness’

Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan revealed in a recent radio interview that the band’s upcoming eighth album will include “bigger riffs and heaviness.” He described the upcoming LP as “90 percent heavy as f*ck.”

He continued, “I normally don’t like to say too much… David likes to give away a lot more than I do; there’s no secrets with him. And I appreciate his enthusiasm and excitement. But a lot of times I’m a little bit more quiet of, like, ‘Let’s put it out there and let the fans…’ the anticipation of them hearing it.

He added, “There is some heavier stuff, definitely — some bigger riffs and heaviness to the album. There’s definitely some of those moments to where there’s some good old-school Disturbed in there, some of the earlier days in the heavier-ness to some of the riffs and a little bit more of the aggression with David vocally. But there’s also those big melodic moments as well.