Mastadon Releases Documentary About The Making Of ‘Hushed & Grim’

Mastadon Releases Documentary About The Making Of ‘hushed & Grim’

Mastodon have released a 90-minute documentary about their 2021 album called The Making of Hushed & Grim. The film chronicles the band’s creative process, which was largely influenced by the untimely death of their longtime friend and manager Nick John, reports. John died of pancreatic cancer in 2018.

Last fall, Mastodan’s Troy Sanders spoke with Classic Rock magazine and talked about the musical and lyrical inspiration for Hushed And Grim saying, “There was no way we were going to approach this album without addressing how magnificent Nick’s impact was on us, as four individuals and as one band. There was no way we could ignore that. It seemed too large of a moment in our lives to not write about it. It was too monumental and too devastating for us to say: ‘We’re not going to think about that. We’re going to write some fun, happy rock songs.’ It doesn’t work like that with us. From day one, we’ve always pulled authentic emotions into our lyrics, our story writing and our riff writing. It always comes from within. Nick not only made us better people, but he took our band under his wing and brought us to new heights that we never had dreamt of. This album is us honoring his memory and showing our gratitude for how he touched our lives in the most incredible ways.”