Mark Tremonti Speaks On Alter Bridge’s Upcoming Album Pawns & Kings

During a new interview with Ian Danter of Planet Rock‘s My Planet Rocks, Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti opened up about the band’s seventh album Pawns & Kings, which is due out this fall. Mark said, “We’re very proud of it. Our producer is absolutely in love with the record. I think if you’re a fan of ALTER BRIDGE, you’ll dig this record. We’re very happy with it.”

When asked if there will be any “heavy” Tremonti riffs on “Pawns & Kings”, Mark said, “There are some heavy riffs on there. And it’s funny because some of the heaviest riffs on the record Myles Kennedy brought to the table. Even my producer is, like, ‘I can’t tell who’s bringing what to the table anymore. ‘Cause back when the band started, you were the heavy guy and Myles was the moody guy — he would bring in the ballady things — and we’d mix them up. And now you never know.’ I think when you work with somebody long enough,

Alter Bridge is set to hit the road in the UK this winter.