Margaret Cho Details Her Own ‘Diarrhea On A Plane’ Story

Margaret Cho shared her own “diarrhea on plane” story via TikTok recently, following the viral news story about a Barcelona-bound flight that returned to Atlanta because a passenger had diarrhea “all the way through the cabin.”

The Fire Island actress said, “Diarrhea on a plane? I’ve had it … I kept going up and down and going to the bathroom and then sitting back down.” The comedian added that it “came with gas.”

“And the smell was so bad, but also not human, that other people near me started to think there was something wrong with the plane,” Cho continued. The Flight Attendant actress said people were so worried that they contacted the plane’s staff.

“I dissociated, I put my AirPods in,” she said. “I just watched as people started to panic and look around … I dissociated. I don’t know what happened.”