Maneskin Reveals Why They Chose To Name Their Upcoming Album Rush

Maneskin has opened up about their upcoming album Rush. The band reflected on the past year, with Victoria saying, “It’s been amazing. It’s been a crazy year. We’ve done so many crazy things.The most important thing is of course the music. Now are getting closer and closer to releasing the record and that’s the most important thing . . . We can’t wait to finally share it . . .”

When asked why they chose to name their album Rush, Victoria said, “It was made in a rush and this whole year has been in a rush. . . we had five hours to decide the title. . . . We thought this is like literally on point, so accurate. It’s like what’s happening right now. I think its the best word to sum of the last year two years of our lives . . . we always make such a huge amount of decision in a short amount of time . . . so we kind of live in a rush, we wake up in a rush, we eat in a rush, we wash in a rush . . . so, I think it’s the right word to sum up our life.”

Rush is due out in January.