Limp Bizkit Postpones UK, European Tour Due To Fred Durst’s ‘Health Concerns’

Limp Bizkit are delaying their planned summer tour of the U.K. and Europe due to medical advice given to lead singer Fred Durst. On Sunday (July 17th), the band posted a message on social media writing in part, “For personal health concerns and based on medical advice given by my personal physician to take an immediate break from touring, Limp Bizkit will sadly have to postpone their 2022 Uk and European tour . . .” The post also linked to the band’s website for a personal video message from Durst who explained he needed additional testing and apologized for the inconvenience.

In the video, Durst said, “In preparation for the 2022 summer tour of the U.K. and Europe, I have decided to do some tests to make sure I’m in good physical condition and that everything’s okay. And to my surprise my doctor has decided to send me a letter telling me he would not like me to tour at this time and he would like me to stay close by to do some more tests. That being said, this was very unexpected news and I’m so sorry and I look forward to making it up to you as soon as possible and I can only thank you so much for your support.”

While Durst did not go into details about his health concerns, he added, “I’m only wishing for the best and I know everything’s going to be okay.”

Durst says he does have plans to make up the postponed tour dates but no details were offered.