Lars Ulrich’s Isolated Drums From New Single Hit The Internet

Fans are raving over the new fan extraction of Metallica‘s latest single — “Lux AEterna.” The new track, which has already made its way into the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot Trending Tracks and the YouTube Music Charts, can now be dissected by fans wishing to hear Lars Ulrich‘s intricate drum work in isolation.

Loudwire reported, “YouTube user Abunchoftrash isolated Ulrich’s ‘Lux AEterna’ tracks using the app Moises, an AI-powered tool for musicians that lets users remove vocals and isolate instruments in a song. It also lets them play a song at any key or speed.”

“Lux AEterna” will be featured on Metallica’s upcoming album, 72 Seasons, which is set to drop on April 14th.