Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Says SKKN Lawsuit Is A ‘Shakedown Effort’

Kim Kardashian is facing some legal trouble regarding her new skincare like, SKKN by Kim. A black-owned and Brooklyn-based small business called Beauty Concepts is claiming ownership over the name.

Apparently, Beauty Concepts provides salon services under the name SKKN+. The LLC sent a cease and desist letter to Kardashian’s legal team, with the company’s founder, Cyndie Lunsford, saying she’s owned the SKKN+ name since 2018.

Kardashian’s attorney called the claims a “shakedown effort,” saying, “This lawsuit is not what it seems.”

He continued, “We applaud Ms. Lunsford for being a small business owner and following her dreams. But that doesn’t give her the right to wrongfully claim that we’ve done something wrong. In its letter, Beauty Concepts claimed to own rights to a logo made up of SKKN+, and had just filed for trademark protection for that logo.”

“The business was a one-person shop offering facials from a single Brooklyn location. The salon had no signage and was by appointment only. To our knowledge, Beauty Concepts sold no products under the SKKN+ name,” he added.