Killers’ Brandon Flowers Comes To Rescue Of Fan Dropped While Crowdsurfing

An older fan at the Killers‘ show in Manchester on Saturday (June 11th) got some concern and attention from singer Brandon Flowers after he was dropped by the fans while crowdsurfing. Flowers halted the show to jump off the stage and check on the 67-year-old concertgoer named Billy. Flowers shared footage and a few pictures from the incident on social media in which Billy told Flowers, “I was enjoying meself.”

At the time of the incident Brandon said to the crowd, “Who drops a guy? Who dropped him? Is he OK? His head’s bleeding a bit, let’s take care of him.” After venturing into the crowd and heading to Billy’s side for a brief conversation and a hug, Flowers returned to the stage where he told the crowd, “I said, ‘Billy, what are you doing?’ And you know what he said? He said: ‘I’m enjoying meself.”

The Killers’ tour rolls on to Malahide, Ireland where they play shows on Tuesday (June 14th) and Wednesday (June 15th).