Kathy Griffin Reveals She Got Her Lips Tattooed

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Kathy Griffin shared a video to YouTube over the weekend that documented a cosmetic procedure known as “lip blushing,” during which she got her lips tattooed. Since the comedian’s lips were swollen after receiving the semi-permanent tattoo, her husband and friend reacted to the results in humorous ways.

The video shows Griffin saying hello to her husband, Randy Bick, upon returning home. “Sh*t!” he says, jumping up from his chair. While he laughs and apologizes to Griffin, the My Life on the D-List star says, “It’s a little swollen.”

Later, Griffin showed the results to her friend, Kristen Johnston. “What did you do?” the 3rd Rock From the Sun actress said while laughing. “That’s not real.”

Griffin told People in an interview published Monday (August 28th), “I didn’t know the swelling would be that bad. I could not stop laughing even though it was painful to laugh for about four days.” Now that the swelling has gone down, the Suddenly Susan actress said she’s happy with the results and that the technicians “nailed the color.”