Judas Priest’s Ian Hill Says The Band Is ‘Honored’ To Finally Be Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Judas Priest‘s bassist Ian Hill says he and his bandmates are “honored” to finally be getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The band will receive the Musical Excellence Award at the event, which will also honor Eminem, Dolly Parton, DURAN DURAN, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, EURYTHMICS and Carly Simon in the performers category.

In a new interview with Darren Paltrowitz, Hill said, “These things come and go. You get excited for a while, and then you get let down on so many occasions, you think, ‘Oh, forget it.’ And you don’t lose any sleep. Just from a vulgar commercial point of view, it doesn’t really do you any good; it’s not gonna earn you any money. But, yeah, it’s great to be recognized by your peers. It’s a different sort of thing — isn’t it? — from your fans, to be recognized by the people who also do it. Yeah, we’re honored to be part of it.”