Jack White Fires Shot At Elon Musk Over Ye’s Tweet

Jack White took to Instagram to throw a shot at Elon Musk after Kanye West was suspended for tweeting a photo of a swastika merged with the Star of David. He wrote, “So Elon, how’s that ‘free speech’ thing working out? Oh, I see, so you have to CHOOSE who gets free speech and who doesn’t then? What kind of crybaby liberal suspends someone’s free speech? Hmm….”

He continued,” Conspiracy liar alex jones doesn’t get “free speech” either? I see. So you’re learning that these folks incite violence and hatred but trump…DOESN’T? Hmmm.”

He added, “Or is it that liar jones, and anti-Semite egomaniac kanye can’t provide tax breaks for billionaires the way the former president could? Or that maybe the controller of this “free speech” is insulted personally? Or that just maybe, there needs to be, oh I don’t know, RULES and REGULATIONS or else you breed chaos?”