Jack White Fasted While Writing Latest Albums

Jack White didn’t eat for five days while writing his latest albums, Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive. In a recent interview with Q on CBC he explained, “I wanted to see what I would write under those conditions, under that idea — being alone and fasting — what my brain and my body would come up with. Would I get frustrated? Would I get angry? Would I get upset? Would I be depressed? What kind of lyrics would come out?”

White was inspired to fast after reading Upton Sinclair‘s 1911 book, The Fasting Cure. He said, “It’s an interesting thing I was exploring, and I still explore that — what your body does. The amount of energy your body gets on the second, third day from that is outstanding, It’s not to be believed.”

Fear of the Dawn was released in April, while Entering Heaven Alive will be released on July 22nd.