Is Pantera Playing Along To Backing Tapes?

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Pantera is the latest metal band being accused of using pre-recorded tracks onstage. posted a clip from the group’s May 6th show in Panama City Beach, Florida in which during the song “Becoming” — according to some viewers — shows guitarist Zakk Wylde allegedly performing along to a guitar track by the late-“Dimebag” Darrell.

Among the posts found under the “Becoming” YouTube clip are: “Zakk looks and sounds like he is not really playing. He is using pre-recorded tracks. You can totally tell on the harmonic squeal. That is Dime not Zakk! Why didn’t Zakk release play along vids to these songs like John 5 did (for Motley Crue)?”

Another fan answered another by posting: “Dumb is not hearing that it’s the EXACT harmonic pinches from the recording.”

Yet another wrote: “Dime used a whammy effects pedal to lift the notes two octaves. EITHER it’s a backing track or zakk’s guitar tech is stomping on the pedal each time.”