Is Metallica Being Canceled For Being ‘Problematic’?

A TikTok user named Serena Trueblood is seemingly spearheading a campaign to “cancel” Metallica in the wake of their popularity surge after one of their songs appeared in the latest season of Stranger Things. In a series called “Is Your Fav Problematic,” Trueblood shows video and pictures of the band members to validate her claims that they are racist and anti-Semitic and make fun of “addiction, mental health and suicide,” according to the TikToker. Some commenters raged against Metallica, while others defended the band.

Twitter comments included “Never in my life did I expect Metallica to get cancelled but here we are,” and “nothing on twitter recently has been as funny as metallica getting cancelled by tiktok.” Defenders of the band tweeted such comments as “@ stranger things fans who just bought metallica merch, tickets etc and don’t want them anymore: i will gladly help you get rid of them, just give me your address, leave them at the door and i promise you won’t have to deal with them anymore,” and “The fact metallica welcomed and defended all the new fans that came from the stranger things fandom and they’ve gone and THROWN IT BACK IN THEIR FACES…”

Metallica has yet to comment on the situation.

The band performs on Thursday (August 11th) at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, NY.