Goth Metal icons Tristania Breaks Up

Goth metal icons Tristania have broken up after 26 years. The band announced the news on social media in a statement, saying, “After 26 years on the international metal scene, the members of Tristania have this week taken the heavy decision to call it a day.” They also confirmed that their upcoming scheduled performances and tour dates have been canceled.

The statement continued, “Last week came the news about a serious medical situation in near family within the band, which will make it impossible to pursue both short and long-term plans with the band. This came as a shock to us and we are truly sorry to share this.”

The statement added, “Tristania is a band that has never made compromises in our art, and it has never been an option for us to present anything not 100 percent to our fans and followers… We want to thank everyone we have worked together with for almost three decades of writing music, recording, releasing and touring, but especially we would like to give an extra heartful thank you to Continental Concerts that has stood by us in thick and thin through a significant part of the band’s career.”