Ghost Fans Forced To Remove Face Paint At Recent Concert, Venue Apologizes For ‘Miscommunication’

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Fans who attended Ghost‘s recent concert with Amon Amarth at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri were told they couldn’t wear face paint inside of the venue.

Of course, fans reached out to the venue to get more information because face paint is a crucial part of Ghost’s act and something their fans heavily participate in.

The Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre posted a series of policy photos alongside an announcement about the concert on August 9th. In one of the photos, the venue said, “Face paint or masks covering the face are not allowed while entering the venue or purchasing items at concessions. Any face coverings must be removable upon request.”

In response, one Facebook user said, “I’m confused, I emailed you guys about the paint and was told it was fine. But then this post says while entering. Does this mean NO altogether or not until after check in? I’m fine not having it but this is confusing and I don’t want to be turned away.”

The venue responded to the social media user, saying, “”We do not allow face paint while entering the venue or if you are making purchases at concessions. Masks are fine as they can be removed for entrance / concessions.”

A second fan shared a picture of fans in face paint and wrote, “You are aware of Ghost fans. This is what takes hours to apply & get it right. This is what our family does.”

Blabbermouth confirmed that fans who arrived at the venue with face paint were “either denied entry or told to remove the face paint by venue staff. This resulted in general confusion about what was and what was not allowed.”

Ghost later shared an apology from the venue, which said, “Thanks to everyone who joined us for an amazing Ghost show last night. On behalf of our crew, we’d like to apologize for the miscommunication about removing face paint. This was not directed by Ghost. If you experienced issues at last night’s show, please reach out to us at so we can improve for future shows.”