Gavin Rossdale Speaks On The Heavy Musical Direction Of Bush’s Upcoming Album

In a recent radio interview, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale discussed the heavy musical direction of the band’s upcoming album The Art of Survival. He said, “People are always talking about the state… ‘Where’s rock music? What does it mean to anyone?’ And to me it’s always just like the best… It’s like counterculture. And this is so funny when you play these massive festivals and massive shows, but it’s this underground thing. And I like the danger of it.”

He continued, “When I play regular, standard-tuned guitars right now I’m, like, ‘Mmmm, don’t know about that.’ As soon as I play my drop-tuned guitars, I’m, like, ‘Yeah, baby.’ … “

He added, “The whole new BUSH record is drop C… It’s nice to have that, because people… It’s just subliminal —in your system, it just feels so heavy. And you can either choose to scream on it — some guys are really good at screaming; some guys are really good at dog-barking — that’s not my thing. I just like melody. I like interesting cultural crashes.”