Former-Kyuss Bassist Recalls Auditioning For Metallica

Former-Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder recalled making the shortlist to replace Jason Newsted, as briefly featured in the Metallica‘s 2003 documentary Some Kind Of Monster.

While talking to Metal Hammer, Reeder looked back at getting the nod by the band to come audition: “I was working outside at the ranch when Lars (Ulrich) called. My wife brought the phone out and thought it was a prank call from Maynard (James Keenan) from Tool! Nope — it was actually Lars!”

He went on to remember, “They flew me up a week or two after the call. We sat around a table and talked for a while, and finally James (Hetfield) said, ‘Well, let’s f***in’ play!’ They had me call ’em out – we did ‘Fuel,’ ‘Creeping Death,’ ‘Master Of Puppets,’ ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘The Unforgiven,’ ‘Fade To Black’. . . They had their Christmas party for the whole Metallica organization while I was up there, so that was fun! They took over a bowling alley and raged!”

Reeder recalled actually getting the chance to collaborate with the band: “The next day, it was back to work on St. Anger overdubs. There was a certain song for which James asked us all for lyrical input. . . Everyone wandered off and scribbled down whatever lines or phrases came to mind. After a while we got together and presented it all to James. He gathered his thoughts, and cut his vocals right next to me on the couch in the control room! That was pretty crazy.”

Although Rob Trujillo eventually got the bassist gig with the band — he says Metallica couldn’t have been cooler about letting him down easy: “The three guys called me together to let me off the hook a few weeks later. They hadn’t made their final decision yet — I suspect that they were clear that Rob was their frontrunner. Around a half-hour after that call, I got a call from James, just making sure I was alright. I told him I was stoked to have even been considered! I said, ‘This was like the Metal Olympics or something, and I got the silver medal — it’s all good!'”

Not too long ago, Scott Reeder shed light on his Metallica audition for “I had, like, two weeks to learn a few songs. I think I learned 20 songs in two weeks. I love Metallica. We’ve toured together, I’ve known those guys forever, but never been thrown into jamming with those guys and played the hits. Y’know, ‘Master Of Puppets’ — it was, it was crazy. It was like a dream. It’s still weird thinking’ about it. It was awesome, though.”