Fieldy Says His Stillwell Project ‘Has Nothing To Do With Korn’

Korn bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu says that his Stillwell project “has nothing to do with Korn.” According to Blabbermouth, he said via social media, :”Some clarity about STILLWELL. I’ve been doing STILLWELL for about 16 years, this isn’t something new, although to some of you it is, that’s cool. Along with my bros Wuv (POD) and Q (ARSONISTS, RADAMUS),we’ve put out 3 albums, we’re about to drop our 4th.”

He continued, “It has nothing to do with KORN or my status with KORN or anything else. It isn’t Heavy music, it’s alternative rock.”

He added, “We’ve always wrote STILLWELL music while on tour with KORN or at home. We’ve actually opened for KORN back in 2011, and to add one more little fact, the 1st STILLWELL video ‘Killing Myself to Live’ was during a KORN concert (2006),back when David Silveria, drums was in KORN, he’s in the video, that’s how far back STILLWELL goes. Again, it isn’t metal or nu metal or heavy music, and that was my way of being respectful to the integrity of KORN, I knew STILLWELL had to be different.”