Fall Out Boy Are Sending Fans Cryptic Postcards

Fall Out Boy have been sending their fans cryptic postcards entitled “Pink Seashell Beach.” According to NME, the postcard contains the message, “I saw you in a bright clear field. Hurricane heat in my head. The kind of pain you feel to get good in the end. Inscribed like stone and faded by the rain: ‘Give up what you love give up what you love before it does you in…'”

The band also launched a website, sendingmylovefrompinkseashellbeach.com, which also contained the strapline “Take pleasure in the details”. There, Fall Out Boy have invited fans to “join us for a tiny sneak peak into our world”, and those who click a button reading “Do not open before Christmas” open up a form where they can fill in their details, presumably for some kind of mailing list.