Evanescence’s Amy Lee Opens Up About Being Criticized For Her Strong Opinions

Evanescence‘s Amy Lee opened up being criticized for her strong opinions. She told NME, “It’s not that I care less; I just feel more confident in my decisions. And I guess, yeah, I care less when I think people don’t get it or don’t understand. I go, ‘I’m not gonna worry and change what I believe or who I am because somebody might misunderstand or call me a b*tch or whatever.’ I’m not one — I’m confident that I’m not one. And I think that no matter what you do…”

She continued, “I don’t know… Especially when you’re on a large stage… It was harder for me to understand this when I was 21 and we were just starting. But you can’t expect everybody to really know you. They get to see a part of you and they get to see your music and they get to hear your voice and see the piece of you that is shown. But there’s more to all of us. Just like I don’t know them. So you’ve gotta kind of not be mad when people don’t understand.”

She added, “You just have to be strong. When you know you’re doing the right thing and you know you’re being true to your heart, just don’t think about it.”