Dwyane Wade Shares Why He And Gabrielle Union Moved Their Family Out Of Florida

Gabrielle Union Opens Up About Surviving Rape And Struggling With Ptsd

Dwyane Wade opened up to Parents Magazine about why he and Gabrielle Union decided to sell their Miami home and leave Florida three months ago.

“When you have the kind of rhetoric that is being espoused in Florida and adopted into law, that’s not an option if my child isn’t safe there,” he said, referring to Florida’s anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and his transgender daughter, Zaya.

The basketball star said they chose California because they felt it would be a good place for Zaya to find community. “California was a place that would allow her to blossom and grow. She’s going to be a junior in high school now, and she’s been able to be accepted and become her here,” he told the outlet.

“We have family and friends who don’t have the privilege of moving,” Wade added. “So, we are going to be fighting ’til we are out of breath to protect all kids who are oppressed.”