Drowning Pool Is Working On New Music With Ryan McCombs

Drowning Pool has revealed that they are working on first new music with singer Ryan McCombs in more than a decade. McCombs and founding Drowning Pool guitarists C. J.Pierce revealed during a Facebook Live, “We are working on new songs. You don’t even know. The new songs are flowing like wine, like a broken bottle top. It’s a fine wine. . . . It’s coming out everywhere. I can’t put a cork in it.”

He continued, “It’s just, like, ‘How ’bout this riff? How ’bout this riff?’ It’s insane It’s creativity overload all of a sudden.”

Pierce chimed in, “So, yes, we are actually going to record some stuff next week… But yes, new music is actually being recorded next week… We are actually gonna start tracking stuff next week… And it is jammin’.”