Disturbed’s David Draiman Speaks On His Double Labret Piercings

Disturbed‘s David Draiman has opened up about his trademark double labret claw piercings. During an interview Revolver, he was asked about when he first got the sense to remove his piercings. He said, “There were two things I did once I quit my job. Once I knew that we had a record deal coming, I shaved my head and I did the double labret. And yeah, I just wanted to do something that was original that nobody else had.”

When asked how his parents reacted to the extra two holes in his face, he said, “It took them a while before they saw it … and my mom cried. They were not happy.”

As it turns out, Draiman‘s parents weren’t too excited by his career choices to begin was, as Draiman himself shared the following about their thoughts on his rock star dreams before the release of the band’s 5x multi-platinum debut album “The Sickness.”