Dave Grohl Joins Billie Eilish Onstage

Dave Grohl joined Billie Eilish onstage on Thursday night (December 15th) at L.A.’s Kia Forum. Variety reported before Grohl led the pair through an acoustic reading of Foo Fighters‘ 1998 classic “My Hero,” he touched on how Eilish helped soothe the band’s emotions during a dark time, recalling, “Earlier this year, all of the Foo Fighters and our families gathered together at my house to watch the Grammys. And when Billie came out for her performance in the Taylor Hawkins T-shirt, the room was filled with real tears of love and gratitude.”

During the Foo Fighters’ 2021 Rock Hall induction, Dave Grohl explained that the Foos’ band connection goes way beyond recording and touring together: “I would like to say that the best thing about being here tonight is being surrounded by our family. And when I say that, I mean, if anybody knows how the Foo Fighters work, the people that we are with and we worked with, it’s been 20, 25, 30 years, and we stick together like a family. And I think that’s important, because then, you’re doing it together — not just because it’s work — but because you love each other.”

At both the London and L.A. Taylor Hawkins memorial concerts, the late-drummer’s 16-year-old son Shane joined the Foos onstage filling in for his father during “My Hero.”