Dave Grohl Featured In Crown Royal Super Bowl Ad

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Covers Blood, Sweat & Tears For Hanukkah

Although many fans have been clamoring for the Foo Fighters to perform as the halftime attraction during the Super Bowl — all is not lost. Blabbermouth posted that Dave Grohl will be featured on Super Bowl Sunday (February 12th) in a new commercial for Crown Royal Canadian Whisky.

Sophie Kelly, senior VP for Diageo — Crown Royal’s parent company — said in a statement: “Dave is a Crown Royal super fan and the perfect partner to spread a message of gratitude to the audience that is authentic to the brand. (After) seeing the work come to life, we have some great content we will be sharing over the next couple of weeks, including a decision to up our Super Bowl commitment to running a :60 in-game.”