Damiano David Opens Up About Censorship Accusations Surrounding VMA Performance

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Maneskin‘s Damiano David has opened up about the accusations of censorship surrounding the band’s performance at the MTV VMAs back in August. According to NME, photos taken during the band’s performance of their hit “Supermodel,” it appeared that bassist Victoria De Angelis suffered a wardrobe malfunction with her top falling down around her waist. The cameras panned away and focused on empty seats for about 40 seconds. For the rest of the performance, they frequently cut away from the band to show an aerial shot of the arena instead.

David said he puts VMAs censorship down to “prejudices towards rock bands and towards women.” He added, “There is a lot to work on and we try to do our part.”

He went on, “It’s sad, but it’s good that people then talk about it and think about it. It’s stupid that there has to be this control and censorship over people’s bodies.”