Corey Taylor Says Roadrunner Records ‘Didn’t Push’ His Debut Solo Album

Corey Taylor Opens Up About Getting Sober
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During an interview with All Things Music, Corey Taylor said that he felt that Road Runner Records ‘didn’t push” his debut solo album CMF2. The follow-up to 2020’s “CMFT” will come out later this year via Taylor’s label imprint Decibel Cooper.

He explained, “So when the time came to do my solo thing, Roadrunner almost halfheartedly put the first album out. Didn’t push it. It’s insane that we even did what we could with that, even with the pandemic going on, because they didn’t care.”

He continued, “So when the time came to kind of re-up with Roadrunner, they were, like, ‘If you wanna go somewhere else, we won’t stop you.’ I was, like, ‘That’s all I needed to hear, dude.’ I was, like, ‘Thanks for that.'”