Corey Taylor Opens Up About Getting Sober

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has opened up about getting sober. During an interview on The Moon Under Water podcast, Taylor, who has been sober since 2010, said, “The first few years is weird, because you realize quickly how much a part of your personality booze has become, and you kind of have to sort out who you are, what you’re comfortable with and largely just the habit of it. I was never a big beer drinker, so non-alcoholic brew, that wasn’t the key. So I started with sodas and then just kind of went to water. And now that’s just what I do.”

He continued, “To me, going out and hanging out in a pub or a bar or whatever is more about the company you keep. And you realize at some point the golden moment is going to go away. So you try to time your departure right around that time where you’re just, like, ‘Okay, we’ve got about 10 minutes before he becomes a super mess. So I’m gonna split, and I’ll talk to you guys later.'”

He added, “I try not to ‘Irish goodbye’ everybody, where you just split. I only did that, really, when I was drinking. Laughs But I make sure that everybody’s good; I make sure that everybody’s… Okay, if anybody needs a ride home, I’m the first one to do it. ‘Cause it’s usually just me and my wife. My wife still drinks, but she’s very social. She’s way better at it than I was. Usually right about the time she’s starting to kind of… She’s just, like, ‘I’m tired. We need to split.’ I’m, like, ‘Ah. You had me at ‘I’m ready to go.” So we’re out the door and heading for home.”