Buckcherry’s Josh Todd Speaks On Keith Nelson’s Departure

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During an interview with the Tulsa Music Stream, Buckcherry‘s Josh Todd spoke about the 2017 departure of the band’s original guitarist Keith Nelson. When asked about rumors that the heavy touring schedule contributed to Keith’s decision to leave the band, he said, “A lot of people dropped the ‘overtouring’ line with us; it wasn’t just Keith. And then we would stop touring. And they had this great plan to elevate our whole career and do all these things, and they never did it. And we went back to touring heavily, because that’s what we do.”

When asked why Nelson left, he said, “I can’t answer that for him. Alls I know is that we had a good run for a little while, and it just stopped working for a long time before he actually exited the band. And it is what it is.