Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Denies Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

Four women have accused Arcade Fire‘s Win Butler of sexual misconduct dating back to 2015, however Butler denies the allegations. In a lengthy statement to Pitchfork, Butler said in part, “I have had consensual relationships outside of my marriage . . . I have never touched a woman against her will, and any implication that I have is simply false. I vehemently deny any suggestion that I forced myself on a woman or demanded sexual favors. That simply, and unequivocally, never happened . . .”

He continued, “While these relationships were all consensual, I am very sorry to anyone who I have hurt with my behavior. Life is filled with tremendous pain and error, and I never want to be part of causing someone else’s pain . . .”

Pitchfork reports that three of the women “were devoted Arcade Fire fans between the ages of 18 and 23 at the start of their interactions with Butler, which took place during overlapping periods from 2016 to 2020, when he was between 36 and 39. A fourth person, who is gender-fluid and uses they/them pronouns, claims that Butler sexually assaulted them twice in 2015, when they were 21 and he was 34.”