Alien At Farm’s Dryden Mitchell Charged With Battery

Alien Ant Farm singer Dryden Mitchell has been charged with battery for touching his crotch with fan’s hand. According to The Daily Mail, the alleged incident happened while the band was performing their hit cover of “Smooth Criminal” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Although the incident happened months ago, charges were filed on December 30th.

It was reported that Mitchell grabbed the hand of a 45-year-old male fan and placed it onto his crotch while performing. The fan pulled his hand away.

A police report obtained by Rolling Stone read, “The lead singer of the Alien Ant Farm band, Dryden Mitchell, was on the stage in front of victim stated he had his fist in the air and was trying to get a picture with Mitchell. Victim advised that Mitchell grabbed his fist while it was in the air, and pulled the fist into his private area (genital area) against his pants. Victim stated he immediately pulled his hand away at that point.”