Here’s How Much More Your Memorial Day BBQ Will Cost This Year

Chattanooga, TN – Pulse:

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If you’re hosting a Memorial Day BBQ this year you may want to brace yourself for the cost. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April Consumer Index (CPI) rose 8.3 percent compared to April’s 2021 number, and includes the cost of food rising 9.4 percent and the at-home food category rising 10.8 percent. And when it comes to individual food items, the price of bacon jumped the most year-over-year, 17.7 percent, followed by chicken legs (bone-in) which increased in price 16.4 percent, the price of ground beef also increased 16.4 percent, while the price of uncooked beef steaks jumped 11.8 percent, and the price of hot dogs increased 6.2 percent. The price increases are all due to inflation. To break it down further, a pack of hot dogs cost $3.81 in April 2021, and in April 2022 they cost $5.22, while the cost of 100% ground beef jumped from $4.10 to $4.92, and the cost of bacon jumped from $6.22 to $7.42. The good news? The cost of certain items, including strawberries, red and white wines, and tomatoes either did not increase, or stayed roughly the same.