Finally Friday

Finally Friday is making your dreams of flying come true at Lookout Mountain Flight Park in Trenton, Georgia. Fly through the air hundreds, even thousands of feet above the ground! The world’s number one flight school, located in our backyard, is offering tandem hang gliding adventures for half price. Experience the breath taking wonder of soaring high above beautiful Lookout Valley with an expert instructor by your side. You’ll fly higher than the Empire State Building and see the world from a whole new perspective! This Friday, you can purchase a tandem flight to fifteen hundred feet, regularly $149, for half off; just $74.50! Or choose to go even higher, and purchase a three thousand foot tandem, regularly $249, for just $124.50! Let your spirit soar at Lookout Mountain Flight Park. Visit

The Lookouts Mountain Flight Park is this week’s Finally Friday offer. To get more information about upcoming deals sign up for the Finally Friday E-Letter


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