Finally Friday

This Friday, Finally Friday presents…Breakout Games Chattanooga!

Are YOU ready to escape to a safe place where you and your family or close group can have a refreshingly SAFE fun time? Breakout Games Chattanooga is ideal for Covid 19. All rooms are private. It’s just you and those in your family or close group. Once inside the game, no mask required but your brain is a must! All equipment is frequently sanitized, so you can focus on having an exciting, SAFE, and fun night out. With plenty of game selections, UNDERCOVER ALLEY is the newest of their 7 rooms. You must call in advance to schedule your game at Breakout Games Chattanooga.

Get a 4-Person Breakout Games gift certificate for only Fifty-dollars. That’s over Half-Off! Friday morning at 10 a.m., we’ll open the Finally Friday Half-Off Store!

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