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Coldplay Postpones Concerts As Chris Martin Is Diagnosed With 'Serious Lung Infection'

Chris Martin of Coldplay has come down with a serious lung infection and has to postpone upcoming shows in Brazil.

Taking to social media on Tuesday (October 4), the band wrote: "Chris has been put under strict doctor's orders to rest for the next three weeks."

The group went on to say that they're working as fast as possible to lock in the new dates.

They also stated that they're optimistic that Chris "will return to good health" after his medical break. They went on to apologize to their fans for the inconvenience.


  • Chris Martin of Coldplay has come down with a serious lung infection and has had to postpone upcoming shows in Brazil.
  • Chris has been put under strict doctor's orders to rest for the next three weeks.

Rage Against The Machine Cancels 2023 'Public Service Announcement' Tour

Rage Against the Machine's 2023 Public Service Announcement tour has been cancelled.

Zack de la Rocha explained on Instagram Tuesday (October 4th) that the injury he sustained on stage in Chicago on July 11th is too severe for him to continue performing.

The band's front man wrote, "I have a severe tear in my left Achilles tendon and only 7% of my tendon was left intact."

He added, "I hate cancelling shows. I hate disappointing our fans. You have all waited so patiently to see us and that is never lost on me I never take that for granted. For you I have the ultimate gratitude and respect."

The band was previously forced to cancel shows in the Europe due to the injury.

Krist Novoselic Sheds Light On Nirvana Basslines

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic shed light on his time with the band and helping formulate Kurt Cobain's musical ideas. During a chat with Rick Beato's on his podcast In the Room With Nirvana And Soundgarden, Novoselic explained, "He'd have these riffs, and he just kind of started playing them. And we would just say, 'Okay, that's a cool riff.' Then I'd have an idea, an impression of the song like, 'This is what the song needs. This is not me as a bass player. This is what I want to do for the song.' What the song is demanding of me, or asking."

He went on to say, "It's all for the song. 'About A Girl' for example -- (Kurt) listened to Meet The Beatles. He was in his little apartment in Olympia, and he listened to that record over and over again one night, and he just wrote that song. And I go, 'Well, I know what that needs on bass. It's as plain as day.' I just played this little bouncy bass thing."

He offered up some advice to aspiring bass players, telling them to hone in on the song's lead vocals: "I would just follow along on it. I didn't necessarily follow what the guitar is doing. I'd listen to the vocal melody and just kind of triangulate, play off the vocal. And then you'd get a bigger sound that way."

Krist Novoselic told us that it was the band's own belief in the power of music that attracted people to them right from the start. "Nirvana always listened to music or always wanted to connect with something, and the best music is music that you connect with in a way that you can't really put your -- you just emotionally connect with it. So if we were projecting anything like that, people caught onto it."

Wolfgang Van Halen: Van Halen Too Dysfunctional For Tribute Show

Wolfgang Van Halen feels that due to the dysfunction within the Van Halen camp he's opting out of any official tributes to his father with the band. In a new chat with Classic Rock, Wolfgang went into detail regarding the long-rumored salute to his late-dad, Eddie Van Halen: "When it comes to Van Halen and entities surrounding the band it's unfortunate, certainly compared to Foo Fighters who have their s***together with inter-personal relationships. I don't know what it is with some bands but certain personalities just can't get over themselves to work collectively for one purpose -- that's been the curse of Van Halen for its entire career."

He went on to say, "My playing at the Taylor shows delivered that catharsis without the stresses of dealing with the Van Halen camp, and the players involved. Their camp is very dysfunctional -- everyone! -- hell, it was difficult to make plans even when the band was active."

When asked about Sammy Hagar's recent comments where he claimed he would love to play Van Halen songs as part of a possible tribute, Wolf answered: "He said that, but he also said he wouldn't. Sammy said two different things. No. . . I feel that I've said my piece, and if the Taylor concerts are all that happens then I'm happy with that."

A while back, while still battleing his ex-bandmates, Sammy Hagar spoke about the dysfunction that existed within Van Halen -- particularly between leaders Eddie and Alex Van Halen: "They can't get it together. Y'know, they can't. I was there. I saw it. Eddie -- doesn't matter if he's clean and sober, like they. . . even if he is, too much damage. They're just too wacky. They're so out of it. And it could be cool, time warpy, if they were the original band and everybody was on the same page."


On October 3rd, Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted a message to fans announcing that work on the second Mammoth WVH album was about to begin. He took time out to reflect on the loss of his father, the late, great Eddie Van Halen:

As I'm getting ready to start tracking the 2nd MAMMOTH album tomorrow (I've been in pre-production the past month) I can't stop thinking about this moment and how he won't be around for it this time. I'm still not used to it. I don't know when or if I'll ever get used to it.

On December 28, 2014, I was getting ready to start tracking what would become the first Mammoth album. I had been practicing drums in the studio when Pop came in, grabbed my bass and started jamming with me. It was so much fun. It's little moments like these I feel I took for granted. Moments that I can't have anymore."

It'll be 2 years in 3 days and I don't feel any different. All of these emotions just kinda sitting in me at all times. Sometimes it's easier to carry, other times (like right now) it isn't. His pride is what keeps me going, but without him here it's easy to get lost. Easy to get stuck in my head. Easy to fall into that familiar cycle of doubt and self-loathing.

Somehow, I've figured out how to keep going. Music is all I have left when it comes to feeling close to him anymore. But knowing he won't be here this time to laugh, jam and hang throughout the whole process is tough now that I've gotten here. All I can do is try my best and continue to be the son he was proud of.

I just miss my dad.

Black Crowes Guitarist Leading 40th Anniversary R.E.M. Tributes

Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson will lead two all-star benefit concerts saluting the 40th anniversary of R.E.M.'s debut EP, Chronic Town. Rolling Stone reported, "The two-night event, set to be hosted in Georgia on December 14th and 15th, will double as a benefit show with proceeds going towards Planned Parenthood. The concert will spend its first night at the 40 Watt Club in Athens and its second at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta." Both shows will feature the classic 1982 EP performed in its entirety.

Rich Robinson said in a statement: "Growing up in Atlanta in the 1980's, R.E.M. was the preeminent band of that era. Their music was a huge influence not only on the Atlanta music scene but also on my brother and me. I'm so happy to be able to put together this celebration for a band that meant so much to us and music, and Chronic Town is what started it all."

Comedian David Cross will serve as the show's host, with appearances by Black Crowes leaders Rich and Chris Robinson, Darius Rucker, John Cameron Mitchell, Fred Armisen, Kevn Kinney, Lenny Kaye, Mitch Easter, Steve Wynn, David Ryan Harris, Elf Power, and Pylon Reenactment Society, among others. The December 14th will include performances by the Indigo Girls and John Driskell Hopkins of Zac Brown Band.

Tickets for the December 15th Coca-Cola Roxy gig go on sale this Friday (October 7th) at 10 a.m. ET, with tickets for the 40 Watt Club going on sale next Tuesday (October 11th) also at 10 a.m.

Contrary to popular belief, Rich Robinson and his older brother, Chris, were not retro-obsessed Southern rock apostles while growing up: "Chris and I never sat down and said, 'We're gonna be in a band.' Like, we just started doin' it. We went through our little punk rock phase for about six months, and then it's easy to grow out of that -- 'cause we grew up in a really rich musical household, 'cause of my dad. So once we started getting into R.E.M., which spoke to us, 'cause we weren't into southern rock. We never associated ourselves with that. R.E.M. spoke to us, more because it was so unique sounding. When I first heard 'Radio Free Europe' on the radio, I was like. . . I'd never heard anything like that."

Myles Kennedy Names Favorite Tune From New Alter Bridge Album

Frontman Myles Kennedy has already named his favorite tune from Alter Bridge's upcoming album, Pawns & Kings. The new collection, which drops on October 14th, is the band's seventh studio set and the followup to 2019's Walk The Sky.

During a chat with Ultimate-Guitar.com, Myles Kennedy was pushed to name his personal standout track from the Pawns & Kings and said, "Probably a song called 'Fable Of The Silent Son', which is kind of a long song, I think it's just over eight minutes long. It's a journey. I'm excited to hear how people feel about that one, and what I mean by hear about how they feel is from a lyrical standpoint."

He went on to say, "I'm hoping that it'll resonate with people because it really is kind of a 'learn from our mistakes' narrative. Y'know, it's the idea of, when sometimes you go through life, and you fall down and make your mistakes, you get up, you dust yourself off, and you learn from those mistakes, and it makes you a better person. But with that said, they are sometimes your hope is that somebody else doesn't have to make the same mistake, that they don't have to live through the same mistakes you did."

Alter Bridge was started by the three instrumental members of Creed and guitarist Mark Tremonti told us how ex-Mayfield Four singer Myles Kennedy became the final piece of the puzzle: "When we first started the band, we were desperately looking for a singer, and my buddy had brought me a Mayfield Four CD and, y'know, hearing the CD, I was blown away -- this guy's, y'know, not doing anything right now and he's this good? I made demos and sent 'em his way, and he sang over them and he seemed to be into the songs and we loved what he did and he flew down January 2nd, 2004, and we've been a band ever since."

Alter Bridge kicks off its 25-date European tour on November 1st at Hamburg, Germany's Sporthalle Hamburg.

Bono Announces Book Tour For 'Surrender' Memoir

Bono will hit the stage next month in North America "for an evening of words, music and some mischief" as he promotes his new memoir Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story, which will be published on November 1st. On this side of the Atlantic, Bono is set for theatre chats in New York City, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

In Europe, Bono has book dates booked in London and Manchester, England; Glasgow, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; and Madrid, Spain.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, October 7th at 10 a.m. local time -- with a copy of the book included with every ticket sold.

Bono explained that at the end of the day it's the connection between his music and the listeners that makes it matter: "That is, y'know, (laughs) my drug of choice. That's for me, the thing. I cannot believe you hear this melody line in your head and you, sort of, take it down and you find words for it and arrangement for it -- and the next thing y'know, you can be in a car in Tokyo, and it's on the radio. That's really my, my drug of choice. And songs are everything, really, to us."

JUST ANNOUNCED: Bono's North American 'Surrender' book tour dates (subject to change):

November 2 - New York, NY - Beacon Theatre
November 4 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre
November 6 - Toronto, ON - Meridian Hall
November 8 - Chicago, IL - The Chicago Theatre
November 9 - Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium
November 12 - San Francisco, CA - Orpheum Theatre
November 13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Orpheum Theatre

Paramroe Brings 'Misery Busineess' Out Of Retirement

Paramore played "Misery Business" live for the first time in four years during the first stop on their 2022 tour.

On Sunday (October 2nd), singer Hayley Williams told the crowd in Bakersfield, CA, "F**k it" before launching into the 2007 hit that they had previously retired.

According to Consequence of Sound, she said, "Four years ago we said we were gonna retire this song for a little while and technically we did. But what we did not know was that jus about five minutes after I got canceled for saying the word ‘whore' in a song, all of TikTok decided that it was ok. Make it make sense."

A Day To Remember Announces Acoustic Theater Tour With Wage War

A Day To Remember is embarking on an acoustic theater tour with special guests Wage War next month.

The band announced on social media that the newly announced dates will kick off onNovember 29th in Nashville, Tennessee wrap on December 21st in Orlando, Florida.

Tickets go on sale Friday (October 7th)

Arctic Monkeys Announce 2023 North American Tour

It's almost a year away, but Arctic Monkeys have announced their 2023 North American tour. With 21 dates scheduled, it'll kick off August 25th in Minneapolis, with stops in cities like Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The tour is in support of their album, The Car, which will be released October 21st.

Fontaines D.C. will be opening each show and tickets go on sale October 7th.


  • Arctic Monkeys have announced their 2023 North American tour.
  • It kicks off August 25th in Minneapolis.
  • Tickets go on sale October 7th.

Bruce Springsteen Jams With The Killers Live In NYC

On Saturday night (October 1st) Bruce Springsteen joined the Killers on stage at New York's famed Madison Square Garden for a three-song mini-set. "The Boss" and E Street Band saxophonist Jake Clemons -- nephew of "The Big Man," the late-Clarence Clemons -- were on hand to perform Springsteen's 2021 team-up with the band on "A Dustland Fairytale," along with his own classics "Badlands" and "Born To Run."

In 2005's Wings For Wheels documentary, Springsteen explained that the writing and recording of his third album Born To Run -- which took far longer than both his first two albums combined -- was the moment where he needed to allow himself the room to discover where his next creative steps would be through patience, persistence, and most of all -- trial and error: "I was not interested in a strictly professional setup, because I didn't want to contain my. . . my talents in that box, because I didn't know where they we're going to lead me at the time. At that time, my concern was this; I have these abilities -- I don't know what they are -- but, I know that they're there and I don't know where they're going to lead me, but wherever that is I have to go, even if it's down a bunch of blind alleys till I find the one that I want. . . that I do wanna go down. And also just felt like, give me room to do this particular thing in my own fashion."

On November 7th, Bruce Springsteen will once again headline the annual "Stand Up For Heroes" benefit taking place this year at Manhattan's David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

Coming on November 11th is Springsteen's soul covers set, titled Only The Strong Survive.

More Unseen 1970 Led Zeppelin Live Footage Unearthed

Only weeks after fan-shot 1970 footage of Led Zeppelin in L.A. was unearthed -- previously unseen pro-shot silent film of the band at the Bath Festival has popped up on YouTube. Loudersound.com reported the 30-minutes of outdoor footage comes from Zeppelin's June 28th, 1970 performance at the Bath & West Showground in Shepton Mall and was captured by director Peter Whitehead -- best known for his famed 1965 Rolling Stones tour documentary, Charlie Is My Darling.

Zeppelin's performance was but part of an extensive weekend lineup that also featured such heavyweights as Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues, the Byrds, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention, Steppenwolf, Johnny Winter, Fairport Convention, Dr. John, and more.

Jimmy Page told us that he was aware immediately that Led Zeppelin was breaking new ground on not only a musical level -- but on how music was actually created: "We knew that we were doing work -- we knew it was substantial because it wasn't like anybody . . . what anybody else was doing. So, then it has a substance to it and it's radical, purely because of that level. As far as the sort of counterpoint of the four musicians playing together and the sum total of that, or even the alchemy of it, that basically is what the magical aspect of Led Zeppelin is, I believe."

Stevie Nicks Duets With Eddie Vedder On '80s Classic

On Friday (September 30th), Eddie Vedder joined Steve Nicks for a duet of her Tom Petty-written solo classic, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." Nicks welcomed the Pearl Jam frontman during her headlining set at Vedder's Ohana Festival in Dana Point, California.

Rolling Stone reported that in addition to Vedder handling the Petty-sung vocal line, the two rock legends danced together during the tune's iconic guitar solo.

Although Stevie Nicks has recorded duets with such distinctive vocalists as Lindsey Buckingham, Kenny Loggins, Don Henley, Sheryl Crow, and Tom Petty, she told us that she's waited over 50 years to share a stage with three specific singers: "Well, when I moved to Los Angeles with Lindsey (Buckingham) in 1972, I wanted -- there were three songs I wanted to sing two-part harmony with; Paul McCartney 'Yesterday,' James Taylor 'Fire And Rain,' and Elton John 'Your Song.' I've never gotten to sing any of those three songs with those three men! So, I'm still looking that maybe that will happen someday. Because that was before this happened, y'know? That was like way before we were famous."

Billie Eilish Reveals That She Has Peanut Butter And Jelly In Her Rider

Billie Eilish isn't going to get on stage without a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The "Ocean Eyes" singer revealed in an Apple Music TikTok posted Friday (September 30th) that she always has schar backstage, a gluten free bread from Germany and added, "I have that and I always have peanut butter and jelly."

She revealed that he also includes crackers, chips and salsa, guacamole, and watermelon and tajin in her rider.

As for drinks, Eilish says she prefers lemonade chocolate milk and Poppi, a low-sugar probiotic sparkling soda.

Billie Eilish Shares Why Concert Livestream Is Important To Her

Billie Eilish announced earlier this week that the final night of her tour will be livestreamed and now she wants everyone to know why it's so important to her.

In an interview with Billboard, she explained that it goes back to her childhood and the shows she didn't get to see, because she either couldn't afford them or just didn't get a chance.

To Eilish, the idea of being able to watch them online would have been her "absolute dream." She wants her fans to have that opportunity.

She said, "My live show is one of the most important parts of me as an artist. And the idea that there are people that know me as an artist and don't know me live, freaks me out."

Eilish's Apple Music concert will livestream from England, tonight (9-30) at 10pm ET.


  • Billie Eilish explained that it goes back to her childhood and the shows she didn't get to see, because she either couldn't afford them or just didn't get a chance.
  • She wants her fans to have that opportunity.
  • Eilish's Apple Music concert will livestream tonight (9-30) at 10pm ET.

Avenged Sevenfold Completes Mixing New Album

Avenged Sevenfold has completed mixing for their long-awaited new LP. Drummer Brooks Ackerman took to Instagram to share a photo of him and his bandmates with producer Andy Wallace, who mixed the group's new LP. He captioned the photo, "done!"

Wallace has mixed all of the band's studio albums since 2005's City of Evil. Last year, Avenged Sevenfold singer M.Shadows said during an interview that Wallace is his "favorite mixer ever."

Godsmack's Sully Erna Clarifies 'Final Album' Comments

Godsmack's Sully Erna has clarified his recent comments that the band's next album will be their last. Last April, during an interview, Erna said during a radio interview, "I've gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us — it might be the last record for us."

In a recent radio interview, he said, "This is the last record we're ever gonna do. This is the last run around the mill for us. We put every single ounce of energy and emotion into this album."

He continued, "Especially for me, when I wrote a lot of these songs, it was about my life journey. That's really what the sequence of this album becomes about. Not that it was planned that way, but this really kind of mystical thing happened where I felt like the universe wrote this record."

That being said, Erna revealed that while this may be their last album, there's no intent of Godsmack breaking up after the touring and support for the album are complete. He explained, "I wanna make sure people are clear about what we're saying here. I'm not saying that the band may be breaking up. What I'm saying is I think this may be the last body of work you get musically from the band. And it's because we're in this place in our lives right now where we've done a lot of work over the last three decades. Without sounding egotistical, which we're not trying to do, we're at 27 Top 10 singles, 11 Number Ones. We could literally do back-to-back nights in an arena and play 15 songs a night and never play the same single twice, let alone the 'B' cuts."

Miley Cyrus Shares Voicemail From Taylor Hawkins

Miley Cyrus shared a voicemail she received from Taylor Hawkins that explained why she chose to sing a Def Leppard song at his tribute this week.

On her socials, she played the recording where Hawkins said he was listening to Def Leppard's classic song, "Photograph," and told her that she would "kill it" if she ever sang it.

She never forgot it and during the mega-star tribute to the late Foo Fighters' drummer, she and Def Leppard's Joe Elliott joined forces to sing the song.

Backing them was Def Leppard's lead guitarist, Phil Collen, along with Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Chris Shiflett. Weezer's Pat Wilson was on drums.

The voice message was from a time when Cyrus was neighbors with Hawkins and his family.


  • Miley Cyrus shared a voicemail she received from Taylor Hawkins that explained why she chose to sing a Def Leppard song at his tribute this week.
  • Taylor said he was listening to Def Leppard's classic song, "Photograph," and told her that she would "kill it" if she ever sang it.
  • At the time, Cyrus was neighbors with Hawkins and his family.

Smashing Pumpkins And Jane's Addiction Kick Off Joint 'Spirits On Fire' Tour

Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction kick off their 32-date joint "Spirits On Fire Tour" on Sunday (October 2nd) at Dallas' American Airlines Center. The 32-city trek wraps on November 19th at L.A.'s Hollywood Bowl, with he upcoming gigs marking Jane's first full-scale tour dates since 2016.

Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan explained that the last thing he ever wanted was for the band to reunite and be viewed as a nostalgia act: "To go back under the Smashing Pumpkins name engendered a lot of people expecting us to be nothing more than a reunion band, playing its greatest hits, and with a fan base not particularly keen to listen to the new music. What I try to tell people that get caught up in the reunion kind of concepts -- like where are the original members and stuff like this -- the band was founded on an idea that it must be progressive and it must always be moving forward."

Smashing Pumpkins / Jane's Addiction tour dates (subject to change):

October 2 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
October 3 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
October 5 - Austin, TX - Moody Center
October 7 - Tampa, FL - Amalie Arena
October 8 - Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Casino
October 10 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
October 11 - Atlanta, GA - State Farm Arena
October 13 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun
October 14 - Belmont Park, NY - UBS Arena
October 16 - Boston, MA - TD Garden
October 18 - Washington, DC - Capital One Arena
October 19 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
October 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center
October 22 - Pittsburgh, PA - PPG Paints Arena
October 24 - Toronto, ON - Scotiabank Arena
October 26 - Montreal, QC - Bell Centre
October 27 - Quebec City, QC - Centre Videotron
October 29 - Cleveland, OH - Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
October 30 - Milwaukee, WI - Fiserv Forum
November 1 - St. Louis, MO - Enterprise Center
November 2 - Detroit, MI - Little Caesars Arena
November 4 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
November 5 - Chicago, IL - United Center
November 7 - Denver, CO - Ball Arena
November 9 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
November 11 - Vancouver, BC - Rogers Arena
November 12 - Seattle, WA - Climate Pledge Arena
November 13 - Portland, OR - Moda Center
November 15 - San Francisco, CA - Chase Center
November 16 - Anaheim, CA - Honda Center
November 18 - Phoenix, AZ - Footprint Center
November 19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl

Sammy Hagar & The Circle Drop 'Crazy Times' Today

Sammy Hagar & The Circle dropped their latest studio set, titled Crazy Times, today (September 30th). The album was produced by country-based producer Dave Cobb -- who was most recently behind the boards for Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators' latest set, 4.

Sammy Hagar admitted to us that although he fell in love with singing at an early age -- he's pretty much the definition of a reluctant performer: "I just liked it. It felt good and it felt natural. It's still not comfortable to me -- I'm not a comfortable singer/entertainer; even though I'm more of an entertainer, y'know, when I get on stage, I turn into an entertainer. But it's very uncomfortable for me. And I'm always runnin' around backstage, a nervous wreck until I get out there. But, other than that -- I like it."

Sammy Hagar Still Open For Some Sort Of Van Halen Teamup

Sammy Hagar admits that he still regrets that a final all-inclusive Van Halen tour with all its past and former members never took place. Hagar and the Circle drop their latest album, Crazy Times, tomorrow (September 30th), and the "Red Rocker" appears in conversation tonight (September 29th) for a career-spanning chat at the Clive Davis Theater at L.A.'s Grammy Museum.

Regarding the "kitchen sink" tour that never was due to Eddie Van Halen's 2020 death, Hagar told Rolling Stone, " What a shame, huh? I mean, honestly, the shame is that Eddie Van Halen's no longer with us. That's the shame. But if we would've done that. . . All the damage that I did with my book, the damage Ed did with his actions and his stuff he did in public, and the (Gary) Cherone shenanigans, and the (David Lee) Roth reunions, my reunion. . . That would've righted everything, if we would have did that tour. That would have righted everything, and I wanted that so bad. Just to all of us to go, 'We're clean again. We're angels. We're spotless.'"

He went on to say, "I just think it's crazy to do anything that's called Van Halen without Eddie. I would love it if Dave wanted to do a tribute where he'd sing ten of his songs, and then I'd come out and do ten of mine. That would be great with Alex (Van Halen) and Mike (Anthony) and maybe a bunch of different guitar players. Look at what Dave (Grohl) just did for Taylor (Hawkins). That's one of the greatest events in rock history. That's right up there with the early Farm Aids, and right up there with Live Aid. That was a great event, and that could be done for Ed with everybody playing."

As to what form a tribute to Eddie Van Halen could take, Hagar said, "I'm thinking of one-off weekend or something where we give the money away to some cause. It can't just be, 'Hey, we're going to grab some money.' I got plenty of money. There's nothing that I would do for money that I just wasn't in love with the idea of doing. And I'm not in love with the idea of being Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen. 'Matter of fact, I'm dead against it. But I would love to play music with Alex and Mike again. I would love to play those songs again. And if we did a residency or a tribute, I would sing 50/50. I would sing half the Dave songs too for the Van Halen fans. And those songs are great. I don't mind singing some of them."

Regarding some type of tribute for Eddie Van Halen, Hagar said: "I think it's necessary."

Sammy Hagar has been on both sides of the frontman game -- replacing David Lee Roth in Van Halen -- along with Extreme's Gary Cherone replacing him in 1996. Hagar told us a while back he sympathized with Cherone accepting what he probably thought was the gig of a lifetime -- only to see it go down in flames: "To me, it was inevitable. It didn't work. Everybody knows it didn't work. The album was a stiff and the tour didn't do well -- it was just was bad chemistry. Y'know, that coulda happened when I joined the band -- but it didn't because we made a great record. And my career was in a place with 'I Can't Drive 55,' y'know, I was equal to Van Halen at that time, so, it was a lot easier for the fans to accept that; and even then, it wasn't totally accepted immediately. Y'know, we had to work hard. It's a bummer for Gary because it'll probably ruin his whole damn career. Y'know, the guy's a decent singer, but what's he going to do now? 'Hey, he's the guy that bombed with Van Halen. (Laughs) Y'know, he's the guy that. . .' Y'know, that's not a good handle to have."

Quick Takes: Godsmack, Lamb Of God & More!

GODSMACK RELEASES NEW SINGLE: Godsmack has released a new single entitled "Surrender" via BMG. The track marks the first release from the band in four years. Sully Erna opened up about the song, saying, "'Surrender' is a very cut-and-dry song. It's simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other. At a certain point in our lives, we submit to putting aside who's right or wrong, we just want it to STOP! So we wave the white flag."

LAMB OF GOD LAUNCHES LIVE VIDEO FOR ‘OMENS': Lamb Of God has launched a live video for the title track of their upcoming ninth studio album Omens. The clip was filmed during the band's August 14th set at the Bloodstock Open Air in Walton-on-Trent, UK. A day prior they will be hosting a special livestream of a previously recorded in-studio performance and a documentary of the album's creation. Omens will be released next Friday (October 7th).

VOLBEAT DROPS LIVE VIDEO FOR ‘SHOTGUN BLUES': Volbeat has premiered their new live video for their track "Shotgun Blues." Footage for the video was shot during the band's early October 2021 shows at the Observatory North Park in San Diego, California. Videographer Brittany Bowman directed the clip.

Upcoming David Bowie Box Chronicles 'Hunky Dory' Era

Coming on November 25th is David Bowie's Divine Symmetry, a newly compiled a four-CD, one Blu-ray box set celebrating "the 12 months leading up to the release of the album Hunky Dory in December 1971 via home demos, BBC radio sessions, and live and studio recordings." The collection contains 48 previously unreleased tracks/demos and new alternative mixes of Hunky Dory tracks by original co-producer Ken Scott.

The package features two new books -- a 100-page hardback featuring exclusive memorabilia and photos, alongside a 60-page replica composite of Bowie's notebooks from the era featuring handwritten lyrics, costume drawings, recording notes, and set lists.

During a 1973 chat with the BBC, David Bowie looked back to his pre-glam period, which was based far more in straight on androgyny than his then-Glam-based fashions: "Long hair quickly got dissipated. I mean, I used to be able to stop traffic quite easily by just walking down the street. . . Just 'cause I had long hair. I'm very much a character when I go onstage, I feel. I believe in my part all the way down the line. But, I do play it for all it's worth."